Bulgarian Legal Services makes a point of providing responsible, timely & excellent legal advice within the highest ethical and professional standards.

We attend to the needs of both companies and individuals:

  • For corporate structures:

The objective of Bulgarian Legal services is to provide legal expertise from a business perspective, indeed we believe that companies which manage important projects require an adequate balance between legal and business advice and an optimum management of the alternatives and risks involved in their business.

Bulgarian Legal Services shall contribute to the development of practical and sustainable solutions, tailored in accordance to the special requirements of your company. We are specialized in the field of taxation, corporate, commercial and real estate lawlegal advice and consultancy as well as company registration in Bulgaria.

We provide a wide range of legal informationadvice, and representation services that help large corporations attend their legal issues.


  • For small & medium enterprises

When entering a new market such as Bulgaria, there are many aspects to consider. That is why BLS focuses on small and medium businesses offering solutions to their commercial legal issues. In today’s litigious climate we aim to reduceyour legal risk exposure & costs wherever possible, while strengthening and optimizing your business.

We can help new and existing businesses– offering a complete legal solution to all your contractual requirements including employment, distribution and/or commercial contract matters, as well as intellectual property law issues such as trademark & patent registrations

If you are not yet incorporated as a company, Bulgarian Legal Services will assist & advise you on the most suitable company and structure for your business or investment.


  • For individuals & family investments

Investing in a foreign country is never a stress free process. However Bulgarian Legal Services will do it’s upmost to provide you with the tools to make a correct decision when investing and ensure you remain within the legal boundaries to safeguard your investment in Bulgaria.

We will assist you with real estate lawmortgage applicationsdebt collectionliquidation, representation in front of the institutions…

Bulgaria Legal Services provides an atmosphere designed to work with you and for you, to meet your goals and expectations. So let’s work together and share a common ambition for success.

If you give us the facts, Bulgarian Legal Services shall give you the law!