You need dedicated accountant?

You need somebody with experience and knowledge and somebody you can trust?


BLS works with one of the best and well known especially among foreigner investors accountants who can offer you the following sevices:

·  Routine accountancy

·  VAT Registrations

·  Social and Health Insurance Consultations

·   Preparing and Maintaining Labour Records

·  Advice on the appropriate appliance of the  company’s Accounting Policy, according to the National Accounting Standards or the International Financial Reporting Standards

·  Annual Tax Returns

·  Reports to the National Statistic Centre, when required

·  Tax Returns

·  Provision of the daily documentation required by the Tax Administration, National Revenue Agency, National Statistics Centre, Bulgarian National Bank, etc.

·  Control and Monitoring of cash flows

·  Management of Bank Transactions

·  Publication of financial statements on the Trade Registry

·  Assisting with the Offshore Company Formation