Bulgaria has been selected as the most competitive in Europe when it comes to outsourcing and even ranked it as 13th in the world. This is according to a joint survey led by Colliers International and AT Kearney (http://www.publics.bg/bg/news/709/). As a matter of fact, many large multinationals have already decided to take advantage of the Bulgarian business environment; HP, IBM and many others have already established software development & call centers running here. Leading chemical industry giants such as Solvay Sodi are running their largest European factory in Bulgaria, as well as many more.

All of these companies are attracted by a stable Bulgarian business environment offering the following advantages:

  • Corporate & personal tax at 10% (the lowest in Europe)

  • Competitive, educated & reliable work force

  • Member of the European Union since 2007, meaning it’s laws have been harmonized with the EU legislation

  • Political & Economical Stability

  • European business environment & way of thinking

Been thinking of relocating your business to gain in competitively, to avoid oppressive tax systems or simply to lower your costs?

Bulgarian legal services can assist you to relocate and advise you to the various possibilities on offer. When taking such a decision it is very important to plan ahead carefully before taking any rushed decisions. Like any process, there is a course of events to follow in order to make it an easy process and each step is as important as the other. We will insure you have all the correct information to make the right decision.

Thanks to its knowledge and knowhow, Bulgarian Legal Services can assist you in the following fields:

  • In all fields of real estate

  • Looking to set up a back office which will allow you to cut costs of your current business

  • Establishing a call center

  • Looking to import to your home country (food industry, building materials, raw materials…)

  • Tourism industry

  • And the list is endless

Tell us your project and we will put you in contact with the local industry leaders, while making sure your interests are protected at all times.

Our consulting department is led by foreign nationals who have established, run and profited from business in Bulgaria. They will understand your expectations, know your fears and most importantly be at your side at all times.